AFSHAN EJAZ AND NOSHI EJAZ  are graduates from the Naqsh School of Art, in the walled city of Lahore. “ They are among the finest students to emerge from Naqsh. A year ago they embarked on an independent project- fusing their passion for art and interest in the historically significant Mughal monuments of Lahore. They exhibited over a hundred art pieces. It is a testimony of their talent and love for the Old city of Lahore, which they call home.

Mahmood ul Hassan Rumi, former principal Naqsh School of Art.

SHEHEREZADE ALAM  studied art and design at the National College of Art Lahore. She did post graduate studies from the West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK. Her intimacy with clay, beginning in the early 1970’s made her Pakistan’s first female studio potter, and has seen her travel and work alongside with some of the most acclaimed twentieth century potters in Europe, Asia, US, and Canada. In 2000, she established LAAL, an artists collective, whose mission is to bring cultural and heritage education to young children. The Jahan e JahanAra, Center for Traditional Arts, is an attempt to contribute/ share this passion to/ with the children of Lahore.


NAQAASHI: are Islamic patterns or decorative motifs that are formed by the elaborate and detailed application of repeating geometric and floral forms. In Lahore , the tradition of Naqaashi is centuries old. It can be found in the forts, palaces, gardens and mausoleums built by the Mughals as well as in shrines of sufi saints. Lahore , Peshawar, Multan, Shergargh are the few cities in Pakistan which have characteristic Naqaashi patterns.

KHATTAATI: is one of the most ancient arts of civilized humanity. From 6th century AD, Arabic Calligraphy developed as an art of spiritual significance, enjoining the beauty and meaning of content, of the ‘idea’, to the shape and form of letters and words. Your child will learn to recognize, appreciate, and practice the main styles, using the qalam, davaat, gaachi, and takhti. Children will be introduced to the rules for graphical shapes, of the letters and combination of letters, words and composition.

Matti - Earth Fire Water Air

Sheherezade Alam (Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm)
This course is aimed at introducing your child to their 9000, year old living legacy of CLAY. Children will discover as they learn to touch, sense and feel the 4 ELEMENTS common to human and clay vessel. Each child will have the opportunity to explore their creative potential and artistic skills as they enter the exciting world of pottery.


Course Fee: Session Duration:
Rs. 12, 000/- per Course (paid in cash) 3 Hours per Session
Course Dimensions: Total Sessions:
5 Weekends 10 per Course
Session Frequency: Total Course Hours:
Twice On Weekends 30 hours per Course


Dress Code: Cotton Kurta Paijama in the colors of flowers or the Rainbow.
Starting: 2nd March to 31st March, 2013
Registration: Starting Now...