ZARA MUMTAZ, graduated with honours in English and Literature from Kinnaird College, Lahore. She has been associated with the field of performing arts almost all her life. Because of her aunts, Zohra Segal and Uzra Butt, she took her first steps at the Music and Dance Drama school of Uday Shankar. An accomplished musician, teacher, poet, script writer, director and producer, author of children’s story and song books, Zara Apa, has been collecting and writing folk, traditional and original songs for children for over 40 years. She founded the Awareness Children’s Theatre in Lahore, which flourished for 10 years, now revived in Karachi as the Agahi Childrens Theatre in 2010.

FERYAL ALI GAUHAR, studied International Political Economy at McGill University, Montreal, and Development Communication at the University of Southern California. She has trained as a current affairs producer and broadcaster in Europe, and has worked in London as a performer in “Common Lore”, a company aiming to bring the universality of classic tales to children living in contemporary times and large urban centres. Feryal studied Theatre Arts at Sweet Briar College in the United States, and has performed with Teesri Duniya Theatre Company in Montreal, as well as with Ajoka in Lahore. Her most recent work in the area of story-telling are two best-selling novels which have been critically acclaimed both in Pakistan and abroad.

SAJJAD KHALID, received his Master of Fine Arts, from The National College of Arts,Lahore. He is an accomplished calligrapher, fine artist, graphic designer, teacher, photographer, illuminator and web designer. Sajjad Khalid has actively taught and promoted the sacred Art of the Pen, through exhibitions, seminars and conferences. His love, respect and passion for calligraphy is evident in his work. Sajjad Khalid recently conducted a workshop on Islamic Calligraphy for children at Alam al Khayal, Lahore.

SHEHEREZADE ALAM, studied art and design at the National College of Art Lahore. She did post graduate studies from the West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK. Her intimacy with clay, beginning in the early 1970’s made her Pakistan’s first female studio potter, and has seen her travel and work alongside with some of the most acclaimed twentieth century potters in Europe, Asia, US, and Canada. In 2000, she established LAAL, an artists collective, whose mission is to bring cultural and heritage education to young children. The Jahan e JahanAra, Center for Traditional Arts, is an attempt to contribute/ share this passion to/ with the children of Lahore.

Dastaan Goee - Story-telling

Feryal Ali Gauhar (Friday and Sunday 3:00pm to 6:00pm)
Through the telling of stories, we attempt to reflect on ordinary events using extraordinary perception and the wisdom of hindsight. The subcontinent of India and Pakistan has a rich oral tradition which has benefitted immensely from the Sanskritik, Persian and Arabic traditions of story-telling, a combination of legendary figures engaged in heroic and sometimes super-human feats, as well as a weaving of the cultural contexts and values of the times. Given the rich stimulus that young people receive through the media today, our own traditions of story-telling also need to be provided a platform. After all, if Harry Potter can take the world by storm, why can’t the Adventures of Amir Hamza and the tales of Alif Laila conjure up landscapes and characters which can only enrich the imagination of our own children, crafting a sense of identity which is holistic and profound?

The objective of the course in traditional story-telling is two-fold: to inform children of the rich heritage of story-telling or Dastaan Goee, and to stimulate the imagination of young people towards enabling them to create stories of their own, using the traditional devices of conflict and resolution, as well as leading them towards understanding the universality of enduring human values.

Nauchandi - Performing Arts

Zara Mumtaz (Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 01:00pm)
Nauchandi: a festival of the new moon, is also a celebration of human life expressed through the performing arts, such as music, mime, theatre, poetry, puppetry, dance, shadow play and singing. This course explores these performance skills through improvisation and imaginative role play in a enjoyable atmosphere. It will instill in each child a sense of confidence within groups and self esteem, leading towards a well rounded personality.

Children with such grounding in traditional cultural expression will allow them to grow up as responsible, sensitive and thoughtful adults.

Khattaati - Islamic Calligraphy

Sajjad Khalid (Saturday 3:00pm to 6:00pm)
Calligraphy is one of the most ancient arts of civilized humanity. From 6th century AD, Arabic Calligraphy developed as an art of spiritual significance, enjoining the beauty and meaning of content, of the ‘idea’, to the shape and form of letters and words.

Your child will learn to recognize, appreciate, and practice the main styles, using the kaghaz, qqalam, roshnai, gaachi, and takhti. Children will be introduced to the rules for graphical shapes, of the letters and combination of letters, words and composition...

Matti - Earth Fire Water Air

Sheherezade Alam (Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 01:00pm)
This course is aimed at introducing your child to their 9000, year old living legacy of CLAY. Children will discover as they learn to touch, sense and feel the 4 ELEMENTS common to human and clay vessel. Each child will have the opportunity to explore their creative potential and artistic skills as they enter the exciting world of pottery.

Dress Code: Cotton Kurta Paijama in the colors of flowers or the Rainbow.
Registration: Before 5th October, 2010.